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Top Tips for Styling your Wood Burning Stove

Top Tips for Styling your Wood Burning Stove

To offer inspiration and advice, we’ve teamed up with stove manufacturer Arada to share their top tips for styling your wood burning stove:

Step 1, Create a Cosy Mantelpiece

If your home benefits from a large mantelpiece make sure to utilise it. When styled correctly the mantelpiece can really lift the space and accentuate the stove.

Often paired with a freestanding or recessed design, the mantelpiece is the perfect place to showcase personal belongings. Have your space to display photographs and other decorative objects that mean something to you.

Following this, another way to alter the style dynamic is to introduce a large mirror above. For example, a white mirror offers a fresh, clean look that will help to open up the room. Alternatively, a rustic mirror would complement any salvaged materials for a classic yet cosy look.

The Holborn stove looks right at home within a feature fire surround. The freestanding design gives an opulent feel and combines the traditional stove appearance with Ecodesign Ready credentials.


For homeowners without a mantelpiece who are looking to install one, we would recommend looking at reclaimed or salvaged materials. By using re-purposed wood you can add character and interest to your space.


Step 2, Bring the Outside in

Introduce houseplants to really freshen up the home. With many of us retreating inside as the cold weather creeps in, why not bring the outside in and utilise plants to enhance your interior.

We recommend placing the plants around the base of the stove. Keep in mind that the fire will be hot and therefore the plants need to be kept a safe distance away so they don’t wilt. Look for indoor plants in varying heights, species and textures. This will add depth and result in a contemporary aesthetic.

The Farringdon stove comprises a modern design with integrated log storage under the base. Available in a range of colours, the homely colouring of the stove will work in perfect harmony with lush green plants.



Step 3, Make a Statement with Wall Coverings

To create contrast and make your wood burning stove pop, try positioning the stove in front of a bold wall covering or paint colour.

For a cosy scheme, we would suggest an earthy, warm shade like terracotta that will look good all year round when paired with a contemporary stove design. More minimalist schemes with a muted colour palette may benefit from introducing subtle wood panelling to create a feature that doesn’t dominate or overwhelm the space and offers a more rustic interior.



Step 4, Don’t Forget to Accessorise

Curating and styling your home doesn’t have to be complicated. Select pieces and colours that make the space feel personal to you. You must utilise fabrics and textures, such as knitted blankets and cushions. 

An additional way to style your stove is to use companion sets that work next to a stove. We have seen an increase in homeowners opting for wire baskets and black hardware to complement the stove frontage.



Step 5, Consider Layout

The living room is an ideal environment for engaging and socialising with family and friends. Consider the layout of your space in order to maximise the benefits that come with owning a wood burning stove. Position furniture in a U-shape around the fire to encourage interaction. In addition, everyone can admire the beautiful glow of your stove.

With a stove to suit any interior, Arada has a broad portfolio of wood burning stoves in a range of models and designs. Here at Simply Stoves, we have an insightful team who are always on hand to assist with any queries.


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