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Termatech TT21R Wood Stove

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Convection grille and elliptical top are both made of cast iron. The graceful cast iron door’s soft shapes are repeated, and it closes with the aid of two heat-resistant magnets.

About Termatech TT21R Wood Stove

The TT21 series satisfies all the demands and whims of the contemporary consumer. All for a very affordable price, this product offers high efficiency, environmentally friendly combustion, simple operation, and delicious cast iron details.

Choose from 10 different options, including soapstone that stores heat or sandstone on the sides and top with steel sides and a cast iron top. The TT21 series comes in three different heights, and extra details, such as extra heat storage (Heatstorage), form-cut floorboards, soapstone in firewood compartments, or firewood doors with the option of a built-in fireplace set, can be added.

The chic door handle maintains its coolness while supporting the simple design lines. The cast iron door’s unique casting mechanism, which uses two heat-resistant magnets to operate, together with its long service life guarantee the best possible operating comfort.

Black lacquered stainless steel handles and a wood-burning door that completes the stove’s design and can conceal a fireplace set, both of which are available as options, are also available.
You can also buy a useful form-cut glass or steel floor plate that can be taken off for cleaning or when the oven is not in use.

A good and beautiful combustion is produced by the combustion chamber’s depth, which also offers the chance for a large glow layer and prevents the ash from swirling out. Cast iron is used for the top plate, door, and bottom of the combustion chamber of the stove, extending its lifespan and bolstering its stability.

The TT21’s built-in start-up function and discrete control lever, which is hidden beneath the cast iron door, make it simple to control combustion. When it rarely needs to be emptied, the large ash drawer and associated lid make it easy and clean to carry the ash out.

On the TT21, you can directly connect fresh air or outdoor air to the combustion. This might be required in newly built or renovated homes.

Additional information

Weight 126 kg
Dimensions (D x W x H) 412 × 519 mm
Heat Output

5kw Nominal Heat Output



Airwash Technology


Flue Type

Top or Rear Exit


5 Years Manufacturer Backed Warranty



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