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Termatech TT20R Wood Stove

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The Termatech TT20R Wood Stove has an affordable, straightforward design. The combustion chamber complies with all stringent European regulations, and it is incredibly simple to control and operate.

You can always use the oven without gloves thanks to the low-lying handle with convection cooling. The TT20R is unique among comparable pieces of equipment in terms of price.

The stove’s dimensions and capabilities make it ideal for use in cottages or smaller spaces.

About Termatech TT20R Wood Stove

The TT20 series combines high product quality, comfortable operation, and chic Scandinavian design. The TT20 is one of the best stoves available on the market for the price and is designed to be a true “everyone stove.”

The TT20 series naturally complies with the most recent and stringent requirements for European approval: the efficiency is even over 83 percent. Seven distinct variations all created with a solid commitment to quality. Whichever TT20 you select, you can count on a sturdy build and a thoughtful design.

Select from soapstones with straight or rounded sides or steel. Each and every TT20 model can be attached to the chimney either upwards or downwards. Cast iron construction gives the combustion chamber bottom and the door’s inner frame stability and long life.

The deep combustion chamber also has the benefit of preventing ash and embers from spilling out. This also means that there can be a thick layer of embers, ensuring a lengthy reheating, and that the stove only very rarely needs to be cleaned of ash. A wood-burning door with an integrated fireplace set is one possibility.

It is a so-called “cold handle” for the handle. In other words, you avoid getting burns on your fingers because the handle is ventilated and never gets hot due to its location.

When it rarely needs to be emptied, the ash drawer is extra-large and convenient to access. To prevent the ashes from swirling up while being carried outside, a lid is included.

Everyone quickly and easily becomes accustomed to the TT20 series’ operation because it is so straightforward. With just one handle, the combustion can be easily changed, and the change is immediately visible in the fire. The TT20 is simple to use thanks to the built-in start-up feature. Each TT20 model has a 5 KW output that can heat up to 120 m2 and can be configured to use external combustion air.

The moulded glass or metal plate that can be set in front of the oven is another useful feature. This solution is very useful because it makes it simple to cleanly remove the plate. The ability to mount and connect to the chimney from both above and behind is a feature shared by all TT20 models.

Additional information

Weight 117 kg
Dimensions (D x W x H) 419 × 531 × 1045 mm
Heat Output

5kw Nominal Heat Output



Airwash Technology


Flue Type

Top or Rear Exit


5 Years Manufacturer Backed Warranty



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