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Stovax Vogue Small Wood Stove

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The most compact model in the Stovax Vogue range, the Stovax Vogue Small Wood Burning Eco Stove Combines cutting edge technology with advanced firebox engineering, this state-of-the-art, wood burning stove burns so cleanly, emissions are lowered to minimal levels making it compliant with future Eco design emission standards.

The Stovax Vogue Small wood burning stove has a variety of mounting options and can be installed on a Plinth, Midline log store or stove bench to create the perfect fireplace to suit your home.

The Stovax Vogue Small Wood Burning Eco Stove with Cast Iron Top Plate is SIA Eco design Ready.


About Stovax Vogue Small Wood Stove

The Stovax Vogue Small Wood Stove is the perfect addition to any cosy home looking for an efficient and stylish heating option.

This beautiful wood stove is crafted with top quality materials to deliver long lasting performance and durability.

Equipped with a range of impressive features, this stove can effortlessly heat small to medium sized rooms while creating an enchanting ambiance.

The Vogue Wood Stove comes with a clear glass door that offers a breath taking view of the burning logs. Its air wash system keeps the glass clean for easy maintenance and monitoring of the fire.

In addition, a Vogue small Stove boasts a sleek and modern style that is ideal for modern households. Because of its small size, it can easily fit into small places, allowing homeowners to make the most use of their available space while reaping the benefits of a wood stove.

Built to deliver maximum heat output, the Vogue Small comes with a built in combustion control that regulates the air supply for a more efficient burn.

With its advanced features and exceptional build quality, the Stovax Vogue Wood Stove is an ideal heating solution for any home.

What is stopping you, buy yours today and experience the warmth and comfort that comes with owning a Stovax Vogue.

Imagine sitting by the warm glow of the Stovax Vogue Small Wood Stove on a cold winter evening, listening to the crackle of the firewood as the stove emanates its comforting warmth. The sound of the stove is music to your ears, providing the perfect backdrop for your quiet time.

In essence with the Stovax Vogue Small Stove, your home becomes your haven, a place of peace and comfort.

If you are looking for a top quality, reliable, and stylish wood stove, the Stovax Vogue Small Wood Stove is an excellent choice.

It is built to deliver optimal performance and value, providing the perfect complement to your cosy home.

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A little about the Manufacturer.

The Stovax Heating Group is a collection of innovators and visionaries in the world of home heating. Combining advanced technology with timeless design, the group produces an exceptional range of stoves and fireplaces that are as efficient as they are stylish.
From sleek, modern units to rustic, traditional hearths, they crafted every Stovax product to bring warmth and comfort to any living space.

But the Stovax Heating Group is more than just a company that creates beautiful heating solutions. They are also passionate about sustainability and environmental responsibility. with each stove designed to be highly efficient, using minimal energy while still providing ample warmth and comfort. T

One of the things that sets the Stovax Heating Group apart is its commitment to quality.  They are confident in their products, offering long warranties to back them up.

Overall, the Stovax Heating Group is a true leader in the world of home heating. With a range of products that are beautiful, sustainable, and built to last, they are a smart choice for anyone who wants to stay warm and comfortable while also doing their part for the planet.

Additional information

Dimensions (D x W x H)334 × 371 × 497 mm

Room Size

Flue Diameter

5" (125mm)

Flue Type

Top or Rear Exit

Heat Output




Smoke Exempt Appliance


Cleanburn Technology


Airwash Technology


External Riddling



5 Years Manufacturer Back Warranty


Matt Black

SIA Ecodesign Ready


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