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Hergom Firepit Low Base BBQ Grill


The Hergom Firepit Low Base BBQ Grill is a great addition to any yard or patio space, especially if you plan to BBQ for family and friends during summer. You can keep the grill going into the evening for that perfect firepit feeling, and it’s excellent for cooking your dinner or lunch on.

Each Firepit comes with a low or high base stand, the firepit bowl, and the plates that perch on the side of the bowl for cooking, two of which are standard grill plates and two of which are flat cast iron griddles.

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About Hergom Firepit Low Base BBQ Grill

Hergom, founded in Santander (Spain) in 1960 and committed to the manufacture of heating goods since then, is now one of the industry’s leading firms globally, with five production and operational sites in Europe and America.

Hergom has achieved success and expertise in creating wood and biomass heating products, focusing on natural fuels via research, development, and enhancement of product efficiency for more than 50 years. Following that concept, they created the most efficient cast iron heat exchangers on the market, as well as the secondary combustion system that reduces particle emissions making their wood stoves some of the cleanest burning in the world.

Hergom carries out and maintains the entire production process, including design, castings, and finished product, in our own foundry. Hergom employs carefully selected materials and components in the manufacturing process to provide maximum durability, dependability, and performance.

Additional information

Weight136 kg
Dimensions (D x W x H)960 × 960 × 482 mm


2 Year Manufacturer Backed Warranty




Cast Iron

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