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Hergom E30 Small Stove


The Hergom E30 S Cast Iron Stove Closed Combustion with Cast White Internals is a modern stove with a simple, smooth shape. The E-30 S is a compact stove that is very efficient, made entirely of durable cast iron and equipped with the newest technologies.

This stove is now Ecodesign-ready, meeting all of the current requirements for the new Clear Air regulation, which takes effect in 2022.

A closed combustion adaptor is included as standard with the E-30 S, allowing external air to be delivered directly into the combustion chamber.

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About Hergom E30 Small Stove

The Hergom E30 Small Stove is a modern stove with clean angular lines and a compact stove that is highly efficient.

It is made entirely of strong cast iron and incorporates cutting-edge technology, with beautiful white internals.

This stove is now Ecodesign-ready and meets all of the current requirements for the new Clear Air legislation, which went into effect in 2022.

Both classic and functional, the large combustion chamber, combined with the E-30 range’s high efficiency, ensures a long burn time.

The Hergom E30 Small Stove comes in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

Hergom has developed wood products through research, development, and product efficiency enhancement.

The company developed efficient heat exchangers and secondary combustion systems to reduce particle emissions and make their wood stoves the cleanest in the world.

Hergom is a leading heating goods company with five production and operational sites worldwide.

The company carries out and maintains the entire production process, including design, castings, and finished product, in their own foundry.

Hergom manufactures carefully selected materials and components to ensure maximum durability, dependability, and performance.

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Weight 110 kg
Dimensions (D x W x H) 492 × 590 × 669 mm

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