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Gazco Stockton 5 Electric Stove


The Gazco Stockton 5 Electric Stove uses the same cast iron door and heavy gauge steel body as the Gazco Gas Stockton stoves,  which combines the classic looks of a wood burning stove with the ease of Gazco’s unique advanced Chromalight® technology.

If you register your new electric fire with Gazco, you will receive an extended two-year warranty. Please keep in mind that this warranty does not cover consumable parts.

Gazco Stockton 5 Electric Stove

About Gazco Stockton 5 Electric Stove

Perfectly proportioned the Gazco Stockton 5 Electric comes with the most recent electric stove technology from Gazco.

with beautiful Chromalight® Immersive Lighting Systems project flame visuals and LED up lighting.

Designing a bespoke display with LED colours, interchangeable fuel bed options, and Crystal Ice-effects.

The Stockton Electric range combines the classic looks of a wood burwood burning with Gazco’s electric stove technology.

Electricity provides the convenience, versatility, and efficiency of a real flame fire.

Gazco has created a range of fires and stoves that provide a versatile and stunning focal point without a chimney.

The Stockton Electric stove is a superb focal point for any room.  Supplied with programmable thermostatic remote control as standard.

Gazco Stockton Electric Stoves come in a variety of sizes.

The Stockton Small Can be found here or alternatively the Stockton Medium Electric Stove can be found here. 

Nothing creates an inviting atmosphere quite like a Gazco stove.

The centerpiece of any home, a Gazco stove adds warmth and character to any room or living space.

About the Manufacturer

Gazco is a subsidiary of the Stovax Group. They have a prestigious product line that includes everything from traditional to ultra-contemporary in a variety of styles and sizes.

Gazco creates flame effect fires, from hang on the wall to traditional stoves.

Their Research and innovation labs have become the most developed in the industry, making sure that they incorporate the most recent innovations into their products.

They earned the title of award winning manufacturer for their high quality products and cutting edge technology.

Additional information

Weight55 kg
Dimensions (D x W x H)337 × 481 × 544 mm

Heat Output

1.00 – 2.00

Room Size



Natural or LPG Gas



1 Year Manufacturer Backed Warranty





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