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Gazco Medium Marlborough 2 Electric Stove


About Gazco Medium Marlborough 2 Electric Stove

Introducing the Gazco Medium Marlborough 2 Electric Stove – a harmonious fusion of timeless design and modern innovation. With a captivating appearance reminiscent of a traditional wood-burning stove, this electric marvel brings you the allure of a real fire without the complexities.

Crafted for ease and efficiency, this stove boasts user-friendly controls that allow you to bask in the warmth and ambiance with a simple touch. No more tending to logs or cleaning up ashes; it offers the same soothing radiance with unmatched convenience. Choose from a range of heat settings to suit your mood, from gentle and comforting to enveloping cosiness – all without the need for ventilation or a chimney, making installation hassle-free. Elevate your space with the undeniable charm of the Gazco Medium Marlborough 2 Electric Stove, where traditional charm meets contemporary comfort.

Introducing the Gazco Medium Marlborough 2 Electric Stove – a cosy and efficient heating solution for your space. With its classic design and modern technology, this stove combines style and functionality seamlessly.

This electric stove is ideal for anyone seeking warmth and ambience without the hassle of a traditional fireplace. It’s user-friendly, making it perfect for those looking to enjoy the comfort of a fire with just a touch.

Although it may look like a wood-burning stove, the Gazco Medium Marlborough 2 Electric Stove is, undeniably, much easier to maintain. Say goodbye to chopping wood or dealing with messy ashes – this stove provides the charm of a real fire, without the inconvenience.

Additionally, the stove offers various heat settings, ensuring you can find the perfect level of warmth for your needs. Whether you want a gentle background heat or a cosy atmosphere, this stove has you covered.

Because of its electric nature, you won’t need to worry about ventilation or a chimney. This means you can install it practically anywhere in your home.

All things considered, the Gazco Medium Marlborough 2 Electric Stove is a versatile choice. It adds a touch of elegance to your living space while offering a practical heating solution.

Comparatively, this stove is more convenient than traditional options, providing the same comforting glow without the hassle. It’s basically a win-win situation – beauty and function combined.

Besides its aesthetic appeal, this stove is an efficient way to warm up your room. In summary, the Gazco Medium Marlborough 2 Electric Stove is the perfect blend of style, comfort, and convenience.

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A little about the Manufacturer

Gazco, a renowned brand, designs and makes top-notch gas and electric fireplaces, stoves, and heating items. They’re part of the Stovax Heating Group, a British company with 35+ years of experience.

Moreover, Gazco presents a wide array of products tailored to different styles and heating needs. Their gas fireplaces and stoves emit genuine fire warmth and ambiance. They offer diverse traditional and modern designs, integrating user-friendly features like remote control and lifelike flame effects.

Furthermore, Gazco provides electric fireplaces and stoves, ensuring easy setup and maintenance for hassle-free heating.

Gazco places great importance on product quality, safety, and efficiency. They craft their products to exacting standards, adhering to pertinent safety regulations.


Additional information

Weight48 kg
Dimensions (D x W x H)406 × 600 × 583 mm

Heat Output

1.00 – 2.00

Room Size



Natural or LPG Gas



1 Year Manufacturer Backed Warranty





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