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Top Tips for Caring for your Stove

Top Tips for Caring for your Stove

Within this blog we will prioritise the top tips for caring for your stove.

As we journey into spring and summer, there is no better time for you to give your stove a thorough clean.

From working hard over the winter to keep your home warm, your stove is now in need of some rest and repair.

However, it is integral to use the appropriate equipment to prevent any damage and ensure you have a clean, working stove for the colder end of the year.

Before cleaning, always refer to your instruction manual appropriate to your appliance. If not provided, a copy can be found on our website or, alternatively, the manufacturer’s websites.

It is vital that you carry out these steps to extend the life of your appliance and ensure it looks pristine all year round. We recommend a qualified installer to carry out this procedure however these tips will help you to clean your stove yourself.

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The Interior

Cleaning the inside of your stove will prevent clogging and build-up while it is in use. Clean the firebox’s roof, then vacuum up any excess ash and soot. To reach the hard-to-reach regions of your stove, use a small wire brush.

The Exterior

It’s just as vital to keep the outside of your appliance clean as it is to keep the interior. While you may not use it all year, it nevertheless serves as a touching focal point in any area. Wipe away any remaining soot and dust with a lint-free cloth or a clean shoe brush. This process should not be done with water or a damp cloth.

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The Glass

When effectively used, innovative air wash technologies keep the glass front clean. The glass may, however, become slightly darkened at times. In this case, just clean your fire door glass with a damp cloth dipped in the wood and ash. This can also be done with stove glass cleaners. A white residue can develop on the glass from certain types of wood and solid fuel. During periods of intensive usage, it should be cleaned at least once a week if this occurs. 

The Paint

Repainting your stove is always an option for when it needs a good revamp. Stove spray paint is a simple solution to this. Make sure you mask off areas surrounding the stove, as well as the glass door, before you spray in a well-ventilated area. One painted, it is imperative to leave your

stove to dry well (generally up to eight hours) and then burn a slow and steady fire to cure the paint.

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Sweep it Out

Sweeping your chimney is important and during the warm months is the best time to do this. Chimney “health checks” ensure that your flue pipe/chimney is clear for when you re-light any further fires in the colder months. It’s a good idea to have an ash caddy available when emptying the ashpan. As a result, ash can be safely disposed of. At least once a week, de-ash your wood-burning appliance.

Continuous Care

Yearly care is just as important as cleaning during the down time use of your stove. Always ensure your door rope maintains a tight seal and lubricate the latches or sliders where possible with high temperature lubricant. Also make sure the riddling grate can move freely and check over the bars for any obvious damage. Don’t forget to check for any cracks in the glass, the clips and seals and the stove lining to ensure your appliance is at its best possible standard.

Aerating your stove can also help to sustain usage. Allowing air to flow through the stove helps to avoid corrosion and allows your appliance to breathe. To allow for this, remove the throat plate and leave the air inlets exposed.

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In addition to this routine check, you should have your chimney swept by a certified Chimney Sweep at least once a year. It’s also critical to get your appliance serviced by a HETAS-certified expert at least once a year, preferably in the late summer.

We hope these top tips for caring for your stove have helped with any basic upkeep questions you may have had, however please get in contact with us if you need any more assistance. By keeping to these steps, you can rest assured with the knowledge that your stove will last and provide you with a clear, cosy fire for many years to come.

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