The Stovax County 3 Multifuel Eco Stove

The Stovax County 3 Multifuel Eco Stove.

Released in 2021, the Stovax County 3 Multifuel Eco Stove has kept up popularity in the market, still sitting as one of our most popular stoves we sell. This stove is a combination of timeless style, a rustic exterior design, with the latest advanced clean burn combustion technology.

Sitting smaller than the Stovax County 5, the Stovax County 3 Multifuel Stove is suitable for houseboats, summerhouses, and garden workshops!

With an innovative combustion system, the delightful Stovax County 3 Multifuel is a suitable installation for homes located within Defra Smoke Controlled Areas. It also meets the Eco-design 2022 air quality requirements; this wonderful stove can be installed anywhere in the UK and Republic of Ireland!

With primary and secondary air controls, the Stovax County range allows precision with control over the heat output, giving you the optimum efficiency when burning for longer periods of time.

The County 3’s internal heat shields allow for lower distance to combustible clearances and is also suitable for installation with a 12 mm hearth.

At an affordable price and a charming design, how can you go wrong?

Click here to find yourself a Stovax County 3 Multifuel Eco Design Stove or, alternatively, take a look at the other models in the Stovax County range!


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