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The Revolution of Compact Stoves

The Revolution of Compact Stoves

Welcome to the revolution of compact stoves that bridge the gap between domestic living and anything from tiny homes, glamping pods, canal boats and cabins.  

For those who love adventure and outdoor life, these stoves are just right for you.

In this blog, we discuss the features and benefits of the Saltfire Peanut range and the Ekol Apple Pie range.

Saltfire Scout Multifuel Stove

Saltfire Peanut Scout & Marine Stoves.

The Saltfire Peanut Scout is a small 4.1kW stove with a low clearance from combustibles. This is due to the standard installation of a lower and rear heat shield.

It satisfies many requirements of contemporary Eco-Designed buildings. This includes new builds, boats, yurts, or cabins thanks to an optional direct air box equipped.

Saltfire Peanut Marine Multifuel Stove

The Saltfire Peanut Marine can be used in a variety of combustible material-clad buildings with minimum clearances behind it as low as 75mm.

The Peanut 3 comes standard with the highly effective double heatshield on the back. A  ‘Peanut Marine’ boat-specific version is the ideal package for boat installations. Enjoy its integrated cook-top plate, fiddle rail, and compact marine tray.

Ekol Apple Pie Collection

Ekol’s ‘Apple Pie’ collection. The Ekol Apple Core Multifuel Stove can be adapted and customised a variety of settings. 

The ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of wood burning stoves, the Apple Pie offers unique styling and multiple cooking options. For example, a stainless cooktop, top baking oven, pizza shelf and more.

This stove is ideal for small spaces because of its short distance to combustibles.

The Apple Pie collection includes the Apple Core, Apple Stack, Baked Apple and Baked Apple Stack each as standard designs. Customise them further with the extensive range of compatible accessories.

The Apple Core Multifuel Stove is the basis for your freedom with the style you want for your space.

The Apple Stack Multifuel Stove includes a pedestal base with convenient shelf storage.

The Baked Apple Multifuel Stove includes a top baking compartment along with the cooking top plate, giving you multiple options for your cookouts.

Finally, the Baked Apple Stack Multifuel Stove is the largest model of the ‘Apple Pie’ collection, including the pedestal base, the top baking oven and the cooking plate.

Ekol Baked Apple Stack Multifuel Stove

Why go compact?

The benefits of these stoves are great for those who want a compact, alternative stove for any space that might not be your regular home setting.

Eco design ready for 2022 and with contemporary design, you can’t go wrong with the Saltfire Peanut and Ekol Apple Pie ranges.


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