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Rising Energy Costs on Gas and Electric

Rising Energy Costs on Gas and Electric

Rising energy costs on gas and electric have done so substantially in the last year alone. 

In light of this, we understand the concern of trying to maintain a comfortable household. Cost of living is becoming even more difficult, particularly during the winter months. After all, it is not easy juggling energy bills alongside our busy lives.

Gazco have designed an easy and straightforward breakdown of how little it costs to run a gas or electric stove from their extensive range.

Gazco Huntingdon 20 Tracery Door

Helping to Break It Down

Gazco offer the UK’s most comprehensive range of high efficiency gas and electric stoves and fires. Due to this, their efficiency climbs all the way up to 93.9%, depending on the model.

The electric stoves and fires Gazco offer are pre-emptively designed to be eco-compliant and user-centric. They offer multiple energy-saving features to take advantage of.

Most of their range have remote controls consequently giving you complete control of the settings from the comfort of your sofa.

This beneficial design gives you the freedom of controlling the heat output and/or flame effects of your product without having to worry about running back and forth every time you fancy a change.

Gazco Loft Log Effect Conventional Flue Natural Gas Stove

A Large Range To Choose From

Alongside these innovative technological designs, Gazco have an extensive range of styles to pick from. For a more classic home style, you could try the Huntingdon 30, with the option of a clear or tracery door.

Perhaps a more contemporary look is the way forward for your home. With this in mind, the Vogue Midi is available in a number of configurations, including that with a log store, to give the illusion of a “wood burning” stove without the need for wood fuel.

Yet it doesn’t stop there. Not only have Gazco kept your cost effective but also leave the installations simple. Numerous Gazco gas stoves, such as the Loft, Vogue, Sheraton 5, and Chesterfield 5, can be installed quickly and affordably with a straightforward linerless kit.

Gazco Vogue Midi Midline Electric Stove

Stylish products that can effortlessly heat your home, at minimal costs? What more could you ask for?

To discover the full range of Gazco gas and electric stoves and fires on our website, click here.


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