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Westfire Uniq 44 SE Wood Stove


The Westfire Uniq 44 SE Wood Burning Stove always provides excellent views of the flames thanks to a powerful airwash system that keeps the large glass window clean and clear.

Because of the latest Cleanburn technology, the Uniq 44 SE has an efficiency of 80% and can distribute more heat into the room rather than losing it up the chimney.

Because it is Defra approved, the Uniq 44 SE can be installed safely and legally in Smoke Controlled areas.

The Uniq 44 SE is also compatible with a Closed Combustion system and is suitable for use in modern, sealed houses because air can be brought into the fire chamber directly from outside, eliminating the need for an air supply.


About Westfire Uniq 44 SE Wood Stove

A sophisticated air wash system on the Westfire Uniq 44 SE Wood Stove helps keep the panoramic glass clear.

Westfire Uniq 44 SE Wood Burning Stove has a large glass area for a 5kW stove.

This glass area, combined with the simple air control system and high-efficiency figures, makes it an excellent choice for your home.

Its compact size and contemporary Danish styling makes it ideal for smaller rooms.

You can view the full range of Westfire Stoves here.

Westfire Stoves are highly efficient and use Cleanburn technology, with full convection bodies to distribute heat out into the room.

Working well in both modern and traditional settings with its angular design, Westfire offers a 5-year manufacturer-backed guarantee.

A powerful air wash system helps to keep the large glass windows clean so you can always see the flames.

Stoves with Closed Combustion kits allow air to be brought into the fire chamber from outside, allowing them to be used in sealed houses.

Westfire stoves  always created with great care and attention to detail.

As a result, Westfire has created a future-proof design that is distinguished by simplicity, timelessness, and cutting-edge technology.

When the weather outside begins to cool, a stove becomes the natural heart of the home.

Additional information

Weight 84 kg
Dimensions (D x W x H) 374 × 477 × 736 mm

Flue Type

Top or Rear Exit

Heat Output




Smoke Exempt Appliance


Cool Hearth Appliance


Cleanburn Technology


Airwash Technology



5 Years Manufacturer Backed Warranty





Room Size

Flue Diameter

5" (125mm)

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