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Westfire Uniq 35 SE 100mm Legs Multifuel Stove

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The Westfire Uniq 35 SE 100mm Legs Multifuel Stove is a wonderfully constructed compact that contains everything you’ve come to expect from Westfire. This tiny burner is proof that size doesn’t always matter.

This most recent addition to the Westfire collection is truly one-of-a-kind thanks to its potent 4.3kW power and integrated closed combustion. Why wouldn’t you adore this firebox? It is high-quality, efficient, and made with the most recent combustion technologies, which are all things you need in a stove.

This burner is prepared for Eco Design 2022.


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About Westfire Uniq 35 SE 100mm Legs Multifuel Stove

The Westfire Uniq 35 SE 100mm Legs Multifuel Stove offers everything you have come to anticipate from Westfire in an exquisitely designed package.

This small stove is a great example of why bigger isn’t always better. Its powerful 4.3kW output and integrated closed combustion system make this new Westfire model something truly unique.

What’s not to love about this firebox? It has everything you need in a stove: quality, efficiency, and the newest combustion techniques built in.

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Westfire Stove manufacturers ensure they make their stoves to the highest standards, are efficient, and use the latest technology.

The Westfire Uniq 35 SE 100mm Legs Multifuel Stove is also available on a block base.

Westfire Stoves offer a 5 year warranty and an angular style that complements both modern and traditional interiors. Most have full convection bodies that disperse heat into your room rather than losing it up the chimney.

Stoves with air wash systems and closed combustion adapters keep windows clear and flames visible. With this feature, Air is brought into the fire chamber from outside, making it suitable for sealed houses.

The Westfire Uniq 35 is also available as an inset stove, either 3 sided or 4 sided.

A Westfire Inset fire is made to seamlessly integrate into a wall, supplying your home with efficient heat and a dash of style.

Additional information

Weight100 kg
Dimensions (D x W x H)350 × 390 × 645 mm
Heat Output




Energy Efficiency Rating

Smoke Exempt Appliance



5 Years Manufacturer Backed Warranty

Room Size

Flue Diameter

5" (125mm)

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