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TermaTech TT22HS Wood Burning Stove


Four sizable blocks of soapstone are positioned beneath the top stone, storing the heat from the stove along with the cladding.

A soapstone has also been added to the firewood section to complete the design.

When new firewood needs to be added, the ventilated handle prevents self-burning.

Please note, due to the soapstone material, this product is prone to a lead time of 6 months.

About TermaTech TT22HS Wood Burning Stove

The TT22 series from TermaTech will appeal to anyone who enjoys heat.

Combining beautiful, high-quality, environmentally friendly combustion with timeless Danish design. Just below the door, there is an accessible air control handle for the straightforward operation.

You can choose whether you want the TT22 series to fire quietly with approximately 5 kW or if you want quick, potent heat with up to 10 kW. Numerous variations of the TT22 series are built around the same combustion chamber.

You can choose between soapstone cladding and cast iron or black steel.

Select between soapstone or steel siding with straight or rounded edges. There are tall models, low models, and a completely distinct variation on a pedestal foot that almost seems to float.

Controlling the air for combustion is simple. Under the door, inconspicuously, is one air regulator that controls everything. The TT22 is simple to use thanks to the built-in boot function. The combustion on the TT22 is directly connected to fresh air or outdoor air. This might be required in newly built or renovated homes.
Cast iron is used at the bottom and inside of the door on every model in the series, ensuring a long service life and stability in the door. In order to give the oven a particularly rounded and upscale appearance, some models also have a stove top plate made of cast iron.

The ability to mount and connect to the chimney from both above and behind is a feature shared by all TT22 models.

Additional information

Weight236 kg
Dimensions (D x W x H)482 × 756 × 1078 mm
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Airwash Technology


Flue Type

Top or Rear Exit


5 Years Manufacturer Backed Warranty



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