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Stovax Steel Bench 140 Low


The Stovax Riva Benches, which are available in four widths and two heights, are all compatible with the Stovax Riva Studio Freestanding Wood Burning Stoves and allow for central or offset stove placement.

The Stovax Steel Bench 140 Low is composed of solid steel with a sturdy black finish and 60mm wide legs that allow you to add your own particular flare to the space.

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About Stovax Steel Bench 140 Low

The Stovax Steel Bench 140 Low is the ideal accompaniment to your Stovax Studio, Riva or Elise standalone stove. This wonderfully made bench is intended to improve the aesthetics of your fireplace, producing a sleek and modern impression in your house.

Furthermore, the Stovax Steel Bench 140 low is made of high-quality materials, providing durability and long-lasting performance.

The bench’s elegant form provides a sense of refinement to any space. It features a matte black finish that complements any décor style, producing a consistent and coherent aesthetic in your house.

The Stovax Steel Bench 140 Low’s compatibility with the Stovax Studio, Riva, and Elise freestanding stoves allows you to easily adjust your fireplace layout.

Finally, the Stovax Steel 140 Low Bench is a must-have item for homeowners wishing to improve the aesthetics and practicality of their living room.

Order yours immediately and enjoy the beauty it will bring to your home area.

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A little about the Manufacturer.

The Stovax Heating Group is a collection of innovators and visionaries in the world of home heating. Combining advanced technology with timeless design, the group produces an exceptional range of stoves and fireplaces that are as efficient as they are stylish.
From sleek, modern units to rustic, traditional hearths, they crafted every Stovax product to bring warmth and comfort to any living space.

But the Stovax Heating Group is more than just a company that creates beautiful heating solutions. They are also passionate about sustainability and environmental responsibility. with each stove designed to be highly efficient, using minimal energy while still providing ample warmth and comfort.

One of the things that sets the Stovax Heating Group apart is its commitment to quality. They are confident in their products, offering long warranties to back them up.

Overall, the Stovax Heating Group is a true leader in the world of home heating. With a range of products that are beautiful, sustainable, and built to last, they are a smart choice for anyone who wants to stay warm and comfortable while also doing their part for the planet.

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Dimensions (D x W x H)420 × 1400 × 250 mm





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