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Mi-Flues Stove Thermometer


Ensure your stove is operating at the correct temperature by using magnetic Mi-Flues Stove Thermometer that attaches to your connecting stove pipe. If your stove is too cold then creosote deposits will form and if it’s too hot then you are wasting energy.

Please note, our standard delivery is from 7-10 working days, however we are experiencing severe delays with all Mi-Flues related products, this is due to the manufacturer and out of our control.

About Mi-Flues Stove Thermometer

The Mi-Flues Stove Thermometer is 2.5 inch Diameter (63mm). Its magnetic so attaches just above your stove on the Black Stove Pipe.

The Mi-Flues Stove Thermometer attaches magnetically, directly to the metal flue pipe.

Optimal location is at eye level, no less than 300mm (12 inches) above the top of the stove, where you can easily see it in the room.  

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