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Mi-Flues GC2 Gas Vent Terminal in Red


Mi-Flues GC2 Gas Vent Terminal in Red chimney pots for new and replacement installations. Manufactured in the UK.

Please note, our standard delivery is from 7-10 working days, however we are experiencing severe delays with all Mi-Flues related products, this is due to the manufacturer and out of our control.

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About Mi-Flues GC2 Gas Vent Terminal in Red

Mi-Flues GC2 Gas Vent Terminal in Red. Inspect existing chimney for cracks and ensure the inside of the chimney pot is clear and free from debris.

Check that the cement flaunching is sound, and the pot is fully secure. Clean the inside of the top of the pot and the joint face of the pot. Inspect the terminal.

Confirm it is undamaged and ensure all surfaces are clean and free of debris. Mix the mortar with brick coloured dye and apply a bead of mortar to the top of the face of the pot.

Carefully insert the spigot into the pot and lightly press down onto the mortar joint. Align the terminal vertical and trim off excess mortar. Ensure the mortar is smooth and tapered out, to allow rain to run down the outside of the chimney pot.

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