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Mi-Flues Foil backed Rockwool Pipe (6″) 169OD 25mm thick


150mm x 1000mm length of Rockwool Tube for insulating Flue Liner.

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About Mi-Flues Foil backed Rockwool Pipe (6″) 169OD 25mm thick

Mi-Flues Foil backed Rockwool Pipe (6″) 169OD 25mm thick. Rockwool Tubes are used to insulate Flue Liner and thus reduce the possibility of condensation in the flue.

Usually installed in large open chimneys or when the chimney is situated in an open aspect and is subject to harsh weather conditions.

Rockwool Tubes are manufactured from non-combustible rock wool. Rockwool Tubes do not sustain vermin and will not encourage growth of fungi, mould or bacteria and is suitable for continuous operating temperatures of up to 500° C. Pipe thickness is 25mm (1 inch) and lengths are 1000mm (39 inches).

Comes in three diameters for the following liner sizes: 140mm (to suit 125mm ( 5 inch )), 169mm ( to suit 150mm ( 6 inch )), 219mm ( to suit 200mm ( 8 inch )).

The 219mm diameter can easily be trimmed to fit 175mm (7 inch) chimney liner. You must use the foil tape for all joints. However, we recommend sealing all joints using 50mm wide Aluminium Tape.

Installed in 1m lengths when dropping the Flue Liner down the chimney. Simply secure the Rockwool Tube to each one metre section of Flue Liner as you drop the Flue Liner down the chimney using the self-adhesive tape and secure using the 50mm wide Aluminium Tape.

Rockwool Tubes are NOT suitable for class 2 flexible liner (gas and oil liner).

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Mi-Flues Foil backed Rockwool Pipe (6″) 169OD 25mm thick Reviews

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