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Mendip Woodland Balanced Flue LPG Gas Stove


The Mendip Woodland Balanced Flue LPG Gas Stove was modelled after the Woodland wood stove.

Mendip employed the same aesthetics in building this stove, with a huge glass and large chamber that creates an outstanding atmosphere in any area.

The Mendip Woodland Balanced Flue LPG Gas Stove is created with the most up-to-date twin gas burner technology and comes with a log set for a realistic effect.

From 1.5kW to 6.5kW, their smart and cost-effective fanned convection gas burners deliver plenty of adjustable heat.

These attractive stoves offer a programmable thermostatic control for added convenience, allowing you to set the stove to give heat at specific times or temperatures.

Natural Gas version also available.

Height to centre of rear outlet576mm
Distance combustible materials rear300mm
Distance combustible materials side300mm

Please note the Balanced Flue system is not included in the price displayed and will need to be ordered in addition.

Mendip Woodland Balanced Flue LPG Gas Stove

About Mendip Woodland Balanced Flue LPG Gas Stove

The Mendip Woodland Balanced Flue LPG Gas Stove is the ideal complement to any room that yearns for the warmth and ambiance of a wood burning fire but prefers the ease of gas.

Designed with the same aesthetic as the beloved Woodland woodburning stove, this gas version features a large glass front and spacious chamber, creating an impressive focal point in any space.

Not only does the Woodland gas provide a stunning visual, but it also boasts the latest in twin gas burner technology.

These sophisticated and economical fanned convection gas stoves produce controllable heat ranging from 1.5kW to 6.5kW, making them ideal for small and large rooms alike.

But the convenience doesn’t end there.

The Mendip Woodland Balanced Flue LPG Gas Stove also includes a programmable thermostatic handset, allowing you to pre set the stove to provide heat at specific times or temperatures, all while sitting comfortably on your couch.

Available in both Natural Gas and LPG models, they fit the Woodland gas with a beautiful log set, providing a realistic look without the hassle of hauling and stacking firewood.

Say goodbye to messy ashes and hello to the comfort and ease of the Woodland gas stove.

A little about Mendip.

Mendip Stoves is a family business with deep roots in Somerset since 2008, producing high quality wood and multifuel stoves. They combine experience and knowledge to provide great home appliances for the UK market.

You can view the full range of Mendip Stoves here.

These stoves exceed British standards with quality being expected at every level of production, from the heavy duty steel body to the well designed door handle. Due to the design experience, these stoves are efficient as well as affordable to operate.

Mendip stoves use premium cast iron to create bespoke mouldings that are unique to them.

Most importantly an independent body tested all Mendip stoves to exacting European standards for heating efficiency, safety, and emissions.

Another key point Mendip is helping the Woodland Trust by promoting sustainable woodland fuel with every stove sold. Mendip is helping the Woodland Trust protect ancient woodland, trees, and wildlife habitats.

By purchasing a Mendip Stove you are donating £10 to the Woodland Trust. Just £10 gets three native trees planted in the UK, creating woodland for future generations to enjoy, share, and protect.

Additional information

Weight80 kg
Dimensions (D x W x H)405 × 570 × 624 mm
Energy Efficiency Rating

Flue Type

Balanced Flue

Heat Output

1.5 – 6.5



Room Size


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