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Mendip Loxton 10 Log Store SE Multifuel Stove


The Mendip Loxton 10 Log Store SE Multifuel Stove is the largest in the Loxton family and is also exceptionally efficient.

The extra height of the Log Store is a significant plus; not only does it improve the fire perspective, but it also makes reloading simpler.

The Loxton 10’s pre-heated secondary air wash system not only washes the glass to keep it clean and free of deposits, but it also feeds air straight into the centre of the fire.

The Loxton 10’s design integrates several of the latest combustion principles to guarantee that your stove burns wood and certified smokeless fuels effectively and cleanly.

This stove is Eco design-ready and meets all of the existing requirements for the new Clean Air law, which came into effect in January 2022.

Mendip Loxton 10 Log Store SE Multifuel Stove

About Mendip Loxton 10 Log Store SE Multifuel Stove

Introducing the Mendip Loxton 10 Log Store SE Multifuel Stove – the largest multifuel stove in the Mendip range.

This impressive stove boasts a raised firebox, perfect for loading wood, and a handy substantial storage area underneath. And it’s not just impressive in size, the Loxton Logstore 10 mk4 is also extremely clean burning, making it Eco design Ready.

As part of Mendips commitment to the environment, they have made sure that this stove adheres to all the current specifications for the new Clean Air legislation that came into effect in 2022. So, not only will you be keeping warm, but you’ll also be helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

The clean-lined Multifuel and woodburning Loxtons’ have a tough cast iron door and large air washed glass windows, giving you a clear view of the roaring fire within. And with its single air control, adjusting the heat output has never been simpler.

But what really sets the Loxton Logstore 10 mk4  apart is its latest three-flow clean burn air system, allowing for a more complete combustion. This means that your stove will burn wood and registered smokeless fuels efficiently and cleanly, ensuring that you get the most out of every log.

So why wait?

Treat yourself to the Mendip Loxton 10 Log Store SE Multifuel Stove and experience the ultimate in multifuel stove technology.

A little about Mendip.

Mendip Stoves is a family business with deep roots in Somerset since 2008, producing high quality wood and multifuel stoves. They combine experience and knowledge to provide great home appliances for the UK market.

You can view the full range of Mendip Stoves here.

These stoves exceed British standards with quality being expected at every level of production, from the heavy duty steel body to the well designed door handle. Due to the design experience, these stoves are efficient as well as affordable to operate.

Mendip stoves use premium cast iron to create bespoke mouldings that are unique to them.

Most importantly an independent body tested all Mendip stoves to exacting European standards for heating efficiency, safety, and emissions.

Another key point Mendip is helping the Woodland Trust by promoting sustainable woodland fuel with every stove sold. Mendip is helping the Woodland Trust protect ancient woodland, trees, and wildlife habitats.

By purchasing a Mendip Stove you are donating £10 to the Woodland Trust. Just £10 gets three native trees planted in the UK, creating woodland for future generations to enjoy, share, and protect.

Additional information

Weight125 kg
Dimensions (D x W x H)410 × 710 × 860 mm
Cleanburn Technology


Cool Hearth Appliance




Heat Output


Smoke Exempt Appliance


Top or Rear Exit

Top or Rear Exit


2 Year Manufacturer Backed Warranty

SIA Ecodesign Ready


Mendip Loxton 10 Log Store SE Multifuel Stove Reviews

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