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Hergom Glance Top Flue Wide Stove


The Hergom Glance Wide Stove with Top Flue Outlet has a ribbed cast iron external body that is both decorative and functional, as it increases the surface area available for good heat distribution.

The Glance wide stove is unquestionably a modern focal point in any room. It is possible to see flames dancing through the cast iron side panels thanks to the ceramic glass on the sides and front of this stove.

The combustion technology used in this stove is also exceptional. The Hergom Glance Large is an essential addition to any modern home.

Hergom Glance Top Flue Wide Stove
Next Available Date: 14/08/2023 subject to availability

About Hergom Glance Top Flue Wide Stove

The Hergom Glance Top Flue Wide Stove by Hergóm is the epitome of Nordic design – elegant, minimalist, and functional. Conceived by the Danish duo Christina Strand and Niels Hvass in their Copenhagen studio, these wood-burning stoves are a true work of art.

What sets them apart is their double combustion system, which ensures cleaner and more efficient burning while saving energy and reducing pollution. Equipped with an outside air intake, they can operate perfectly in highly insulated rooms, making them ideal for modern, energy-efficient homes.

But what really catches the eye is their design – or rather, their “ad(look)” as Hergóm likes to put it. The Glance stoves feature three ceramic glass walls that allow a stunning view of the flames, both from the front and the sides. This not only adds to the aesthetics of the stove but also provides extra warmth and light to the room.

Overall, the Hergom Glance Top Flue Wide Stove is a perfect example of form and function coming together in a harmonious blend. With their sleek lines and impeccable performance, they are the ideal choice for anyone looking for a stove that combines Nordic style and modern technology.

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Additional information

Weight188 kg
Dimensions (D x W x H)411 × 700 × 822 mm

Heat Output






Flue Diameter

6" (150mm)

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