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Gazco Vogue Midi T Electric Stove


A new addition for the Gazco electric stove range this season, the contemporary Gazco Vogue Midi T Electric Stove presents four stunning stove options that each create an eye-catching centrepiece with their captivating 3D flame visuals, the Gazco Vogue Midi T Electric Stove gives an amazing view with their high definition glass, the fire provides a show as the glass takes up much of the stove to allow for a bigger view.

About Gazco Vogue Midi T Electric Stove

Featuring  advanced Chromalight® technology, the Gazco Vogue Midi T Electric Stove flame effects are projected among the fuel bed for a three-dimensional visual, whilst the various fuel effect options are lit from above and below for increased realism. The range of LED colour settings and interchangeable fuel bed options gives you the freedom to tailor your stove’s visuals to suit your mood, making the Gazco Vogue Midi T Electric Stove a feature in any home.

The Gazco Vogue Midi T Electric Stove is designed and engineered in Britain, and offers the latest in electric stove technology.

The other three versions available in this range are the Gazco Vogue Midi T Midline Electric Stove which features an additional log store base which raises the height of the standard Vogue Midi T Electric stove by 151mm, by adding a built-in feature log store base. The impressive Gazco Vogue Midi T Highline Electric Stove which features a taller closed in log store base, which has open sides to allow the logs within to be viewed from either side of the stove. Lastly but by no means least, we have the Gazco Vogue Midi T Wall Mounted Electric Stove which is designed to be wall hung as a beautiful space saving feature.


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Heat Output

1.5kW Nominal Heat Output

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1 Year Manufacturer Backed Warranty

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