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Dimplex Braemar Chrome Optiflame 3D Electric Inset Fire

The Braemar Optiflame 3D electric inset fire has a sleek design, stunning effects, and a powerful 2kW fan heater. Optiflame 3D provides you the freedom to choose.

Choose a deep orange flame for a beautiful radiance or a blue flame for cool, tranquil vibes. Adjust the downlighting to add drama, and select the ideal crystals, logs, or coal to boost the fuel bed’s luminosity.

The Braemar will leave you with toasty toes, while its warm light makes the area enticing and tranquil. It is designed to fit most common existing fireplaces, is easy to use, and magnificent to look at.

About Dimplex Braemar Chrome Optiflame 3D Electric Inset Fire

Dimplex has been a trusted name in electric heating for nearly 70 years.

With a portfolio of over 700 brands, they remain the industry leader in the design and manufacture of energy efficient electric heating appliances and systems.

To offer market-defining heating and air treatment, they combine knowledge and expertise with a deep and ongoing commitment in innovative innovations, modern architecture, and ongoing innovation.

They  also collaborate on energy usage with business associations and the government in order to help shape all of our futures.

Additional information

Dimensions (D x W x H)185 × 517 × 613 mm


1 Year Manufacturer Backed Warranty



Heat Output

2kw Nominal heat Output

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