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British Fires Deluxe New Forest 1600 with Real Logs Fuel Bed

The British Fires Deluxe New Forest 1600 with Real Logs Fuel Bed has been created for versatility to give you cosy and welcoming ambiance. No one in the business can match the ingenious design and excellent engineering that went into this large masterpiece. This adaptable fire will add sleekness to the décor and warmth to the atmosphere.

British Fires award-winning LED flame technology aids in creating an impressive illumination. Alongside this is the mirror that reflects the logs and creates a 3D-effect with the appearance of a deeper looking fuel bed. A hand painted finish brings the log to life and subtly delivers a real presence.

The British Fires New Forest 1600 Electric Fire offers a light enhancement with their Diamond Light. The fuel bed can change colour or you can choose between orange, pink or blue settings for a bespoke mood and is equipped with a remote control.

The revolutionary Air Curtain Technology from British Fires works by circulating cooler air into the room and dispersing warmed air back into it through a dual-outlet system discretely installed above the glass, resulting in a well-heated environment.

About British Fires Deluxe New Forest 1600 with Real Logs Fuel Bed

British Fires deliver uncompromised quality, with their design and development delivering exceptional products. Their aim is to help you create a beautiful and vibrant environment for you to enjoy.

With Deluxe Real Logs, you may enhance your view and create the best experience. Each Deluxe Real Log is one-of-a-kind and carefully constructed from natural logs. They will astound any observer especially when you tell them they are actual logs by enhancing an already conspicuous statement piece in any environment.

The Deluxe Real Logs fuel bed begins with the selection of various sized logs, branches, and twigs to create a natural log layout. After that, it was placed on a forest floor bed made up of bark, twigs, and log fragments. To permanently fix the logs, a resin mix is poured into the base and baked in an oven.

Additional information

Dimensions (D x W x H)311 × 1600 × 565 mm

Heat Output

1.5kW Nominal Heat Output


1 Year Manufacturer Backed Warranty

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