Named after the beautiful but enduring Norwegian mountain range, the Dovre range of stoves and fires have been produced from 60 years of experience and are built to endure the harshest of Arctic winters.

All Dovre stoves and fires are moulded with absolute precision for strength and longevity, and the cast iron used has excellent durability and thermal qualities.

Thank to its versatile nature, cast iron can be crafted into a huge variety of shapes and textures, bringing beauty and presence to your interior whether traditional or contemporary.

A Dovre electric stove can be as easy to install as plugging in and switching on! All models feature the unique VeriFlame technology with low energy LED illumination and a hand painted fuel bed. The heater is discreetly located underneath and a remote control allows you to adjust the heat in addition to the VeriFlame effects which can run without any heat at all.

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