Featuring clean and stylish floating shelves for a statement finish that completely houses the fire, the Gazco Skope Trento Suite has been designed to allow easy and simple installation of the Gazco Skope Outset Electric Fires.

Available for both the Skope 70W and 110W Fires, the Trento Suites allow for different installations, and are offered in various configurations.

The Trento Left Offset and Trento Right Offset can be positioned with the flush end against the corner of the room for an asymmetrical two-sided installation. For perfect symmetry, the Trento Central Suite offers a balanced style that positions the fire in the middle of the Suite.

Depending on your choice of installation, there are also optional accessories available for the Trento Suites including Decorative Columns and End Caps, that can be used to complete installation and heighten appeal.

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