The innovative Newman Fireplace non-combustible beams have been designed using formulated materials that have evolved using experience gained since 1929.

Each individual beam and leg is hand made and meticulously finished by craftsmen of great skill achieving the realism for which these products have become renowned.

Much care has been taken to ensure that the Newman beams emulate real wood which can be seen with the authentic finish which even includes all typical markings you would find on an old wooden beam, including shakes, holes and end grain.

The non-combustible beams offer many advantages over natural timber beams, including being fire resistant which is very important when most beams are fixed near to a heat producing appliance. There are strict regulations and restrictions relating to the positioning of natural timber near to hot fires or appliances, and the Newman Fireplaces beams open up a whole new world of fireplace design possibilities.

*Please note that the Newman Fireplaces non-combustibles beams are very fragile and as a result they are only available for delivery within Essex or collection in person from our warehouse*

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