No Chimney? No Problem.

Hello and welcome to another Simply Stoves Blog, this time I will be taking a look at the new Stovax Professional XQ twin walled flue system offered by the manufacturer Stovax Ltd, which is used when a wood burning or multifuel stove is required but no conventional chimney stack is present within the property.

Stovax launched their Professional XQ flue system in June 2011 with the promise of a high quality product obtainable exclusively through their network of trusted authorized distributors who were already suppliers of the sort after Stovax stoves range.

Simply Stoves have long been one of the leading suppliers of the Stovax stoves range in the UK, and the decision for us to change from another flue system brand to Professional XQ was an easy one based on Stovax reputation for superior craftsmanship, high quality materials, and designer-led aesthetics and technical innovation. I am pleased to report that with the Stovax professional flue system they have continued this high level of quality, backed up with the level of customer service and support to match.

Demand for twin wall flue systems have increased rapidly in recent years, which is in part due to a large proportion of new homes being void of a useable chimney or in some cases that no chimney is incorporated at all.

The beauty of using a Stovax Professional XQ flue system is that in most cases it is now possible to have a stove installed into almost any type of property safely and within the strict building regulations. The flue can be fed either external and then up through the outside wall, or alternatively internally through the building and out through the pitched or flat roof (see images below).

Each Stovax Professional XQ flue component features a Twist-Lock locking system which combined with the supplied locking bands offers a solid, weatherproof seal to each joint meaning it is suitable for internal and external applications.

Each flue part is made from high grade stainless steel, with a 316L inner wall for maximum corrosion resistance and a 304L highly polished outer skin for an attractive, clean and modern styling. The two layers are then insulated with a high density, 25mm ceramic mineral wool insulation, which effective allows the flue components to be installed with a minimal air gap of 5omm from any combustible material.

Unlike some other flue systems on the market, the inner insulation is protected by a formed stainless steel capping. This capping also allows for safe handling of the product and will help protect the installer from the risk of abrasions or cuts from sharp flue edges.

Some of the key reasons we favor the Stovax Professional XQ system above other flue brands is due to the abundance of decorative and supportive components available. These additional products are part of the reason that Stovax is at the forefront of design and technological advancement within the heating industry, and the innovation of the Professional XQ system is testament to the commitment of Stovax to constantly improve and develop their products.

Some of these key features include the following components;

Decorative Single to Twin Adaptor/Increaser

This adaptor is a decorative component designed to improve the connection between single skin enameled flue pipe and the Stovax Professional XQ Chimney System. The single skin enameled flue pipe can be inserted into the adaptor by up to 90mm to give a completely seamless join. For total flexibility, Stovax also offer an “increasing” version of this product for customers wishing to connect 125mm single skin vitreous flue to a 150mm Stovax Professional XQ system.

Decorative Ceiling Cover Plate

The Decorative Ceiling Cover plate is an innovative component designed to eradicate the issue of unsightly ventilated fire plates. The plate is made up of two separate parts with the second “decorative” section held into place using strong magnets which remove the need for any visible fixings visible within the room.

The ceiling cover plate is available in either a white or matt black powder coated finish as standard, with the white being a popular choice with customers wishing to match the ceiling colour, whereas the matt black is best suited when matching in with a fully powder coated matt black finish to compliment your stove.

Base Socket/Spigot Plate

This neat little component can be combined with a base and intermediate wall support plate and brackets to give an impressive amount of support to the Stovax Professional XQ flue system. It is usually used externally below a tee piece section when a solid support is required to support the flue system above. Combining the Base Socket/Spigot plate, Base wall support plate and bracket together allows up to 12m of Professional XQ chimney to be supported safely.

Decorative Vaulted Roof Support

Robust and secure, the Decorative Vaulted Roof Support can support the weight of up to 9m of your flue system. This component stabilizes your installation down to 6m below the support and up to 3m above it. However, if you do extend the flue system more than 3m vertically a Roof Bracing Kit can be fitted to offer more lateral support.

Roof Bracing Kit

The Stovax Roof Bracing Kit is an excellent addition to the Professional XQ range and is a practical and neat way to support the flue system as it extends through the roof tiles. This product is required if your flue system protrudes 2m or more through the roof to give a solid fixing via adjustable anchor poles with integrated anchor plates.

Expert Retailer Network

Stovax distribute their Professional XQ flue system through a series of authorized distributors, these experienced, independent retailers will be able to discuss your personal requirements on both the correct Stovax flue system and stove for your home. All members of the retail network offer a 10-year extended manufacturer backed warranty as standard on all Stovax professional XQ flue components, and an unrivalled after sales support.

Creative Colours

All external components in the Stovax Professional XQ range can be powder coated to virtually any colour of your choice (colours are matched to any colour on the RAL chart). This enables you to match any requirements that you have that may have been set by local planning authorities or to any specific aesthetic requirements you may have of your own. Stovax also offer a heat resistant textured matt black finish, which is strictly for use internally, and can be safely installed right down to your stove where the heat is at its most intense.

And so we come to the end of another Simply Stoves blog, if you are considering having a twin wall flue system installed then I hope that the details above may offer insight into some of the key reasons it is our flue system of choice here at Simply Stoves.

If you would like a flue system installed with your new wood burning stove, but you are struggling to work out which flue components are required within your own home then why not take advantage of our free Stovax Professional XQ flue designer service.

For customers within the Essex area we offer a free home survey to establish your individual flue requirements, or alternatively if you are located outside of this area we offer this service via email. Contact us today on 01621 772221 (Option 1) or via email at [email protected] to take advantage of this service.

In our next blog we will be taking a look at and offering a review of the Nordpeis Bergen wood burning stove, which has proven to be very popular with customers searching for a large, contemporary stove producing a nominal 5Kw in heat output. This model can be viewed on our website here.


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