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Low Emission Wood Burning Stoves

As woodburning stoves become more and more in-demand, many of us struggle to fine the best low emission wood burning stoves.

Air pollution is now the biggest environmental risk to our public health in the UK.

Many of us don’t realise that the emissions we produce from our homes increase our personal exposure to pollution daily. They also contribute significantly to the emissions nationwide.

In this blog, find below the top 5 low-emission wood burning stoves we have to offer.

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Starting off this low emission list, is Ekol’s ‘Apple Pie’ collection.

The Ekol Apple Core Multifuel Stove can be adapted and customised to suit a boat, yurt, glamping pod, shepherd’s hut, or even a small fireplace. This adaptable multifuel stove is the basis for your style freedom.

The Apple Pie is the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of wood burning stoves. Limits are endless with its unique styling and multiple cooking options. Included options are a stainless cooktop, top baking oven, pan supports on one or both sides, griddle plate, and pizza shelf.

This stove is ideal for small spaces because of its short distance to combustibles. Additionally the stove can heat your room in no time. With an 82% efficiency rating, this is a sure winner.

The Lowry 5XL Widescreen, the newest stove to the Woodford Collection, is one of their best to date. Every home can accommodate the Lowry 5XL Widescreen’s 5kw heat output.

The body of the Lowry 5XL Widescreen is made of thick gauge steel. The door is smooth-crafted cast iron. These features give it a contemporary yet sleek appearance.

With its large viewing glass and highly efficient clean burn technology, the Lowry 5XL Widescreen will look stunning in any home. The Lowry 5XL Widescreen checks all the boxes for a multi-fuel appliance by default. This stove includes an integrated riddling grate and ash pan.

Westfire Uniq 37 Convection Wood Burning Stove

The Westfire Uniq 37 Convection Wood Burning Stove has an impressive max 7.2kw heat output and high efficiency of 78%.

The full convection body and the latest Cleanburn technology allows more of the heat produced to be distributed out into the room, rather than it being lost up the chimney.

The large glass window and side panels are kept clean and clear by the powerful airwash system. This ensures that you always have an excellent 180 degree views of the beautiful flames within.

Arada Ecoburn 5 Widescreen

The best heating technology from Arada is featured in this Ecoburn product. The Arada Ecoburn 5 Widescreen Stove combines a traditional stove appearance with Ecodesign Ready certifications.

Not only modern in design but also a sightly classic look. The large door glass offers you a brilliant view of the flames within. 

Arada offers you creative freedom with your stove choice. Choose from 7 classic colours and 4 new ‘Bold Edit’ shades. These stoves are for those who want a pop of striking colour in their homes. 

The Arada Ecoburn 5 Widescreen Stove comes with a lifetime manufacturer backed guarantee; a testament to the precision built quality associated with Arada Stoves.

The Hobbit SE Multifuel Stove

Finally, the Hobbit Multifuel Ecodesign SE Defra Approved Stove. Independently certified quality smaller cast iron stove that provides you with 4kw’s of efficient, clean burning warmth.

Traditional, elegant and easy to fit into smaller spaces, the Hobbit stove offers great looks and excellent performance. This stove is rapidly gaining a high reputation in the stove world due to its list of positive features. 

Salamander offers it’s customers the chance to own a completely unique stove with a variety of colours to choose from. This stove suits a multitude of tastes.

Find out more on low emission wood burning stoves and the current regulations through the links below:

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