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Introducing the New Gazco Skope Electric Fires

New for January 2018, the Gazco Skope electric fire range utilises Gazco’s Chromalight LED system to create stunning visuals, with the option to change the flame effect from a Natural Amber to a Contemporary Blue at the click of a button. These effects can even be mixed to give a beautiful new effect which is only available with the Skope. One of the key differences that is instantly noticeable when comparing the new Gazco Skope fires to other electric models is the addition of lighting underneath the fuel bed as well as at the rear of the fire. This lighting enhances both the highly realistic, traditional Log fuel bed and the ultra-contemporary Crystal-Ice fuel effects available, to give a stunning feature in any room setting.

These luxurious fuel beds can be coupled with the variety of different lighting colours to produce a stunning display. The Log fuel effect looks particularly effective with the Amber light, whereas the Crystal-Ice has the wow factor with the lighting set to Blue.

Depending on your preference the Skope electric fires can be purchased as either fully inset or multi-sided outset models. Skope Inset fires are available in four different sizes to suit a range of interior designs and offer a minimalist, hole-in-the-wall look. The Skope Outset models are three-sided for an unprecedented view of the mesmerising flame visuals. Offered in two sizes, the Outset models can be installed as either two or three-sided fires for a truly bespoke installation.

Creating a designer installation within your home to include one of the Gazco Skope Outset electric fires can be made even easier by incorporating the new Gazco Trento Suite, which completely houses the Skope within two floating shelves to offer a clean and contemporary statement finish.

The Trento Suite’s are available in various configurations to suit your interior design requirements. For perfect symmetry, the Trento Central offers a balanced style that positions the fire in the middle of the Suite. Alternatively, the Left and Right Offset Trento options provide a strikingly asymmetric installation. Depending on your choice of installation, contrasting black Decorative Columns and End Caps can be added to complete your Skope Trento and heighten appeal.

Last but by no means least, the Gazco Skope’s energy saving features manage heating power to meet the temperature you desire, and will also switch off the fire’s heat in the event a window is opened. These innovative features help to make the Skope an eco-friendly electric fire choice that meets and exceeds stringent 2018 Ecodesign energy product standards.

This stunning new range of Gazco electric fires are available to order now through our website, or alternatively why not take a look at the fantastic range of electric fires that inspired the creation of the Skope the popular Gazco Radiance electric fire range


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