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A Warm Welcome…

Hello and welcome to the first of many Blog posts which will cover all things stove and fire related.

Firstly allow me to introduce Myself, my name is Chris and I have been working within the Stove and Fireplace industry for over 8 years, and in that time have seen first-hand the incredible rate in which the increase in demand for home heating products has risen. This rise was in the most part due to an increase in fuel prices such as gas and oil enticing savvy home owners to begin making the switch over to high efficiency wood burning stoves.

This sudden “boom” in the industry brought with it a need for new and exciting stove and fireplace models, which the big names such as Stovax, Eurostove and The Hunter Stoves Group were more than happy to oblige.

Impressed by the quality of these new products our company quickly went about obtaining the best of these models for sale to both locally based and nationwide customers, which coupled with an attentive and personal service has quickly propelled us in to becoming one of the leading distributors for every major UK and European stove and fire manufacturer.

In the Blogs to come I hope to offer useful advice, with various hints and tips on owning and operating one of our stoves or fires. I would also like to head deeper into the installation side and will attempt to answer some of the common questions we receive on a daily basis here in the office and showroom. Product reviews will also have a large part to play in the future blogs, and will contain what I hope will become useful points of reference for future customers when trying to narrow down their search for the perfect heater in an ever increasing sea of stoves and fires!

Look out for our next Blog which will be a product review of the new Radiance electric fires on offer from Gazco, to take a look at these amazing new fires now head on over to our website at


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